Arlen King Of The Hill
Arlen is a city located in Texas, it has lotsa propane and other natural resources. The Pumkins of Pumkin World started a war with Arlen in the early 2000's to harness said resources.



Before Columbus and his men discovered the United States of UnAmerica, there were Indians. A group of peaceful people who had more Gods than I could count on my my fingers. Anyway, lets talk about...

Olden Days

After UnAmerica gained its independence, people started to want to know what was on the other side of the Appalachian Mountains, so he sent two explorers to see what was out there, after a long time of being gone (they actually just sailed down the river to a place called Bar Jack on an Indian Reservation, hung out for two years, and then BS'd all of their findings.) Thomas Jefferson was thrilled with their "discoveries," he opened u the land for the citizens of America. They stormed the mid west and south, and they started claiming land like crazy, and where crazy things happen, there is bound to be crazy people. A no finer example would by John Arlen, am escaped convict from Boston, who was desperate for power. He traveled far south, and claimed all of the land he could find. He claimed over a hundred million square kilometres of land in what would soon be known as Texas. He named his new city Arlen, and allowed people to enter it, so long as they let him rule the land. The people did not take him seriously, so they excepted his proposal. After a while, the citizens realized that his crazy laws were ruining their lives, and they realized something needed to be done to stop him. In 1815, the citizens banded together and burned his house down with him in it. He was killed in the fire. Afterwards, the citizens formed a city council and elected Larry Mater to be their first mayor. The city was a small peaceful city that steadily grew in size, population, and infrastructure, until...

The Great Pumkin War

Arlen was a city of propane and Butter, and the Pumkins wanted that power so bad that they started a war. A brave man named Hank Hill and his army fought all of the Pumkins out of Arlen, and then destroyed most to the Pumkin establishments that were set up, imcluding The Diner and Butter-O-Mart.


Today Arlen is safe from the dreaded Pumkins, but rumor has it they have an even more evil, sinister attack planned than ever before...

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