Angry German Kid04:23

Angry German Kid

The Angry German Kid at work

The Angry German Kid (Also known as Leopold Slikk (Native name) and "Keyboard Crasher" (In Japan)) was an unidentified anonymous user (obviously), known only for his constant rages. He was most likely spawned by Adolf Hitler, or may just have came in from the 9th Dimension. He once worked as an anonymous soldier to take down Windows by destroying all keyboards in the UnWorld, but he still hasn't destroyed them all. So far, he has destroyed a grand total of OVER 9000 keyboards, but it will take a very long time before he destroys all keyboards in the UnWorld . It is rumored his real name is Leopold Silkk but no one knows. His father's name is Harold Slikk, his mother's name is Anne Slikk, and his brother's name is Leonardo Slikk. Leonardo is actually a normal person.

His best friend is Jake (who is some gangsta German n00b) and his favorite video game is Unreal Tournament. He has been expelled from school over 13 times and he always gets the same teacher every year - Mrs. Sukscox.

Whatever you do, do not piss him off, or else you will DIE! He will kill you by throwing keyboards at you and stabbing you with a sword, so beware! Later during the his death he went to hell but brought back by the mages from another world called nirn. Now the stormcloaks has a new recuite but has a short temper. Leopold brings a keyboard as a sword by smacking mages across the face. Jaral Ulfric saw that Leopold was the best damn soldier. 





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