0 Chimpanze laughing at 0 for having a stupid name.

0 Chimpanze is not a chimpanze. He is a type of orange gorilla known as an orangutan. He actually wanted to be a fox, so he was named 0 Fox when he was born. When he realized he was actually an orangutang, he named himself 0 Chimpanze. This makes absolutly no sense whatsoever, but don't tell him this, or he'll go bonkers.

0 Chimpanze loves laughing at people and making fun of them. He is actually meaner than Super Eviler Bowser, because 0 Chimpanze hurts people socially and mentally, unlike Super Eviler Bowser, who hurts people physically (and then eats them). 0 Chimpanze is known for destroying places without touching them just by laughing at it. It nearly destroyed Ft. Lauderdale but then, Redneck Joe and his 2 sons took out their AK-47 s and shot him. He died and they threw him in the ocean. But did he really die? He is supposedly living under the sea, regaining his energy to destroy Ft. Lauderdale.

Even though he is a primate, he hates bananas and eats berries and rats like a fox and occasionally a Magic Taco to replenish his potassium levels without eating bananas. He also is the self-proclaimed enemy of the superhero, Fatman and he works with M. Bison to kill him. He supposedly originated from a dense forest in the Sahara Desert and his parents were Pops and a Diko .

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