Cquote1 Delta is Δ! Cquote2

Delta disguised as someone who is not Delta

Δ (Delta in English, or Mr. Triangle, 氏トライアングル in Japan) is a member of ABΓΔEZHΘIKΛMNΞOΠPΣTYΦXΨΩ who is the secondary general of the group. He can create semi-giga earthquakes and can rip stones off the ground, as well as cause a sandstorm. He likes eating pie-flavored pies for lunch and fried wood for DINNER. He assisted The King of Hyrule during the war, by sending him lot'sa DINNER.

Delta steals people's bikes for fun. He disguises himself as a black person every time. 90% of the time, he gets away. In fact, the only success story is the real black guy in the "Nigga stole my bike" videos, because he stole his bike. He is NOT illuminati.

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